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    • Society of Music Friends building

      Austria is a calm and beautiful central European country with some of the continent's most picturesque nature and a collection of classical romantic cities.

    • Restaurant in Markt square

      Belgium has some of Europe's best preserved medieval cities with gorgeous Gothic architecture, sprawling restaurants on central squares.

    • Prague castle view from a distance

      Czech republic's beautiful hilly countryside is complimented by traditional central european cities with great architecture, culture and food.

    • Boats in Copenhagen canal

      Today's Denmark couldn't be more different to the war-waging Vikings of its past. Denmark's culture today emphasises quality of life and a work-life balance.

    • London Eye lit up at night

      Perched on an island just off the rest of Europe, the country's quirky culture and way of life are a noticeable contrast to its continental neighbours.

    • Tallinn Old Town under snow

      The northernmost of the three Baltic states, Estonia occupies a historically important strategic spot controlling much of the Baltic Sea's movement.

    • Eiffel Tower at sunset

      From romantic Parisian streets lined with picture perfect buildings and perpetual cafes to snow-covered peaks of the Alps, France is brimming with variety.

    • The front of the Reichstag building

      Germany offers a lot of variety from the Black Forest in the west to the industrial Rhine valley and provincial and traditional Bavaria bordering the Alps.

    • Acropolis Parthenon

      From quaint seaside towns offering fresh grilled fish to some of the world's most iconic, historic and visually impressive monuments, Greece has a lot to offer.

    • Aerial view of evening Budapest

      Despite forming part of the Soviet Eastern bloc during the 20th century, Hungary's culture, look and feel are much closer aligned to its western neighours.

    • Colosseum at night

      From ski resorts in the Alps to the sun-drenched shores of Sicily; from cultural riches of Rome to Milan's fashionable bars Italy has it all!

    • Colourful Riga houses

      Latvia's cities are a complex combination of some of Europe's finest classical architecture and stark remnants of war and decades of communist rule.

    • Vilnius Cathedral

      Traditionally positioned on the crossing of major European trade routes, Lithuania has always been an industrial and progressive nation with a lot of history.

    • Casino de Monte Carlo

      The Kingdom of Monaco on the Cote d'Azur near the French-Italian border is home to many of Europe's wealthiest elite - from Formula 1 drivers to oligarchs.

    • Tram on a Lisbon hill

      Once the world's richest power, Portuguese cities retain the wealth and sophistication of the empire with beautiful ports surrounded by colourful houses.

    • St Basil's Cathedral in the sun

      The mix of Russia's imperialist past with 20th century communist influence has created a unique dichotomy which continues to amaze and perplex every visitor.

    • The Royal Mile

      Occupying the north part of Great Britain, Scotland is a nation rich in history, knee-deep in culture and overflowing with bewilderment in every visiting soul.

    • Horse carriages waiting

      Perhaps best known for its plethora of sunny costas, Spain's history seems to ooze out of every stone with a fine combination of Catholic and Moorish cultures.

    • Fraumunster und Munsterbrucke

      The mountainous land of cheese, chocolate, watches and banks right in the heart of Europe is a must visit for any discerning traveller.

    • Narrow canal in the Red Light District

      Travel the cities of the Netherlands for a unique mix of traditional European medieval architecture with the world's most liberal attitudes to everything seedy.

    • Hagia Sophia at dusk

      A unique blend of middle eastern soukhs, islamic buildings and traditions with millenia of trade and conquest has made Turkey a gem for the discerning visitor.

    • Empty Rynok Square at night

      Ukraine is one of Europe's most beautiful countries with everything from hot seaside resorts to tall mountain ranges to classic European cities.