Denver skyline at sunset with Rocky Mountains in the background.

Denver Travel Guide

Updated by Sasha Yanshin on August 3 2023

Sitting right in the middle of the United States, Denver is fast becoming one of the most popular travel destinations in the country.

The city is growing fast with technology companies and large companies setting up hubs here and the city has a vibrant young vibe.

From edgy neighborhoods to a number of amazing museums and art galleries to access to all major sports, there's something for everyone in Denver and so much more beyond the city limits.

Denver is the gateway to the Rocky Mountains with endless summer and winter activities, amazing ski resorts and stunning nature to explore.

A little further away, Denver can also serve as the starting point for a road trip to Yellowstone, outstanding National Parks in eastern Utah, Monument Valley and even Mount Rushmore in South Dakota.

Headline: Known as the Mile High City, Denver sits exactly a mile above sea level and enjoys views of the iconic Rocky MountainsThing 1: Denver Botanic GardensThing 2: Denver Art MuseumThing 3: Denver ZooQuirky/Bonus Fact: Denver's thinner air means golf balls travel 10% further.
Best time to visit Denver
Season Average Daytime Temperature Typical Weather Conditions Typical Driving Conditions
Spring 47-68 degrees Fahrenheit Often sunny with more rainfall in May Little chance of snow, but potentially wet. Driving conditions should be fair.
Summer 71-88 degrees Fahrenheit Sunny and warm with low humidity, frequent afternoon thunderstorms Good driving conditions, except possible thunderstorm-related disruptions.
Fall 43-79 degrees Fahrenheit Generally sunny, cool and dry Little chance of snow early in the season, driving conditions should be fair.
Winter 17-45 degrees Fahrenheit Variable, can be snowy and cold or mild and dry Snow can lead to road closures, especially in the mountains. Always check before you travel.

And here is the second table for the most popular and best value times to visit Denver:

Popular and Value Times to Visit Denver
Time to Visit Specific Months Reasons Activities & Notes
Most Popular Time June - August Warm weather, lots of sunshine, numerous outdoor activities Enjoy Red Rocks Park & Amphitheatre, hiking in the nearby Rocky Mountains, city parks and gardens. Many outdoor events and festivals occur during these months.
Best Value Time April, May, September, October Mild weather, fewer crowds, likely lower travel and accommodation rates Explore city attractions like the Denver Art Museum, Denver Botanic Gardens, and 16th Street Mall with fewer crowds. Enjoy the changing colors of fall or the blooming of spring. Airlines and hotels often offer lower rates during these off-peak months.