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Home to numerous incredible sights and a boatload of character, Tirana's under-the-radar status is about to be turned upside-down. Lonely Planet named Tirana as one of the top ten destinations to visit in Europe for 2018, so plan your trip before it gets overrun with visitors! Come here for the hospitality, the charm, and the bright colours that adorn the buildings in the city centre.

Albanians have been isolated from the rest of the world for the latter half of the twentieth century. As a result, the locals are very friendly and often treat foreign visitors to coffee or a drink.

In terms of sightseeing, the futuristic-looking Pyramid of Tirana (Piramida) is an essential spot to include on your travel bucket list, as its history is wildly interesting. Far from ancient, the Piramida first opened in 1988 and was known as the Enver Hoxha Museum. Throughout the years, it's been used as a conference centre, a military base and since 2001 it has been used as a broadcasting center by an Albanian TV channel. 

And if you are an adventurer you will definitely love Mount Dajti National Park, located approximately 15km east of Tirana. Visiting the National Park is a must to catch a glimpse of spectacular views of the city as well as mountains, rivers and lakes. Take the cable car from the city or hop on the bus.