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Andorra la Vella


Only 12km in area and with a small population of around 22,000 people, Andorra la vella is the kind of place you stroll through and find all sorts of things to do. Andorra la vella literally translates to Andorra the old, in Catalan. Most of Andorra la vella's income comes from external sources: tourism and business set ups, the latter being due to its tax haven status.

To everyone's surprise, modernisation of this city only began in the 1930s as population increased post-Second World War.

Andorra la vella is home to several ski resorts, Cada De la Vall (ancient seat of the general council and many political on goings until 2011), old and beautiful churches/cathedrals, and a very high number of shopping centres - duty free tax makes shopping a must!

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