Photo by Սէրուժ Ուրիշեան (Serouj Ourishian)  –  Link



Referred to as The Pink City due to the colour of stone used for buildings and full of Soviet Architecture, Yerevan is an incomparable place. Yerevan is home to the spacious Republic Square formerly known as Lenin Square which is stunning when lit up in the evening. Many visitors head to Tsitsernakaberd, a memorial dedicated to the Armenian Genocide of 1,5 million people by the Ottomon government between 1915-1917 - a real eye opener that being a country surrounded by other nations hasn't proved easy.

A place with biblical history, but modern, beautiful Soviet buildings, Yerevan provides an array of choice. Sky restaurants to traditional eateries with backyards covered in plants and food made by old women and clay ovens.

With at least 10 museums in the capital city alone, botanical gardens, and fun things like the ferris wheel in Victory Park and Yerevan's own water world, you're not too far from providing fun for the whole family.