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A beautiful city with little tourism, which will no doubt change in the near future. Turns out, this place still functions as is the USSR didn't collapse over ten years ago.

The history of Minsk dates back to the 11th century and its close Russian ties means Russian is the official language (Belarusian is also a language but this is less commonly spoken) - the President of Belarus is close friends with Vladimir Putin, Russia’s leader. Minsk still contains a lot of Soviet monuments and memorabilia and the place is still very traditional, as well as friendly, with plentiful to do.

Communist busts are located in Minsk's memorial museum and history oozes from Minsk's Belarusian Great Patriotic War museum. The All Saints Church is magnificent and beautiful and then take a look at Government house where a statue of Lenin stands proud. You're never far from art, be it a museum or theatre, to hip coffee shops and the trendy burger restaurants. Minsk is a go.

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