Belfry (Belfort) , Bruges, Belgium
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Belfry (Belfort)

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Bruge's tower

Perhaps the most recognised of Bruges' buildings, the Belfry is one of the earliest constructions in the city's medieval centre. Built in 1240, it was largely destroyed by a fire 40 years later. It was subsequently rebuilt and lasted some 500 years before yet another fire in 1741 destroyed some of the upper reaches of the tower.

A tall wooden spire that once used to top the tower was never replaced and the top was instead rebuilt in a gothic-inspired style making today's tower shorter than the original design.

The tower houses some 47 different bells which are in regular use today. As you climb the 366 steps to the top of this 83m tall tower, you will get a chance to see a lot of the mechanics that drive the clock and bell mechanisms. Once you get there, the city of Bruges will be laid out bare in front of you - undeniably the best view of the city that you can get.

The building at the foot of the tower is a historic market hall. The quadrangle in the middle of the building contains the entrance to the reception and the Belfry.

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