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The heart of Bruges

Bruges' central square lies in the middle of one of the best preserved medieval cities in the world. Needless to say the architecture around the square is also staggeringly beautiful with rows of multi-coloured houses combining with the grand Provinciaal Hof lining the east side and the Belfort Belfry towering over the square from the south.

Naturally enough, the cobbled surface and majestic buildings make for a great view and there are dozens of cafés dotted around the square primarily at the opposite end to the Belfry. Do have a beer in one of these while relaxing in the afternoon or as part of your evening stroll, but make sure you have your meal proper elsewhere in one of a large number of genuinely amazing restaurants a few streets away from the tourist hub.

The statue in the middle of the square is that of Pieter De Coninck and Jan Breydel - infamous figures who did everything from fighting for and being imprisoned by Bruges in the 13th - 14th century. This statue can often be obscured by a broad range of events which are staged on the square ranging from a Christmas Market and an Ice Rink to a Restaurant Fair or a range of amusement attractions.

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The Markt Square



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