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Bosnia and Herzegovina

Home to several museums, and bridges resting on the Miljacks river, wondering around means you truly discover. Gallery 11/07/1995 commemorates those lost from the Srebrenica tragedy, the Sarajevo War Tunnel educates about what the Bosnian people went through during the time of conflict, described as a must visit by tourists, and War Childhood museum which gives the bleak insight to how children grew up in a time of war.

Despite its poignant history, Sarajevo is described by many as cosmopolitan. With beautiful hills in sight and the differing places of worship dotted around the city, it reminds us of the country’s natural beauty as well as its ethno-religious mix. Additionally, becoming a common destination for young adults on their travels, it’s to no one’s surprise that cool bars aren’t far away with lots to do for all age groups.

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