Carlsbad, Czech Republic
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Czech Republic


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Born out of the split of Czechoslovakia in 1993, the Czech Republic is a proud country that has existed for centuries commonly known as Bohemia. Its plentiful natural resources, fantastic arable farmland and a crucially important strategic position in the heart of European trade made it a core conquest target for many of its neighbours, with Austria in particular frequently being in control.

The Czech Republic's heyday in world politics came in the 14th century, when King Charles IV became King of Italy and the Holy Roman Emperor. You will notice that he built almost all of the key sites in Prague from the Karluv most (Charles Bridge) to the main square and the Prague Castle. The Czech Republic is a wonderful country to explore. The rail network is extensive and very good, but driving around will enable you to see all those quirky mountainside towns and the true beauty of the country's diverse landscape.

Hilly throughout with plenty of rivers and mountains, the Czech Republic has views to die for. The main cities are also compelling. Traditional architecture and centuries of the gradual inflow of wealth have created some of Europe's best examples of classic architecture and design.

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