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The capital city of Denmark is historic, hip, and happy. Copenhagen is both refined and remarkable in every way - walk past the clean cut and colourful architecture dotted along the infamous and totally Instagram worthy canal. 

Scandinavian in all things culinary, fashion, and nightlife, this is a city that has never and will never grow old. The people of Copenhagen are known for their close-knit community where all come together and enjoy being a close. The Danes even have a word for that feeling and it's "hygge". 

The people of Copenhagen not only demonstrate their happiness to one another but they voted and were the happiest city in the world for two years running. If none of these are good reasons to visit Copenhagen, then I'm not sure what could ever sway you. 

Things to do 

Having become a holidaymaker hotspot especially among millennials in most recent years, Copenhagen provides plenty to do and see.

If you're up for being a bit more active on your trip, you should definitely cycle around the city to get from one place to another - the city is flat and friendly so you're safe on all accounts. Bikes are docked at docking stations all over the city and come at a surprisingly low price despite being a reasonably pricey city. 

Head to Nyhavn which used to be an old port which docked ships from all across the world - what was once an area of sailors and women of pleasure is now a rejuvenated relaxing spot full of restaurants, bars and Copenhagen's infamous colourful buildings. If you're into your architecture then you're going to want to cycle up from Nyhavn to Rosenborg castle but be sure to stop off at the round tower on your way. 

For those more culturally inclined, Copenhagen is full of museums such as The National Museum of Denmark, the National Gallery of Denmark or the art museum Ny Carlsberg Glyptotek which includes a collection built around the personal collection of Carl Jacobsen who was the son of the founder of the Carlsberg Brewerie. 

Food and drinks 

If you're looking for that americano, look no further - Copenhagen is arguably a coffee capital. With cute and quaint coffee spots located everywhere and tailored to all, you can experience a truly minimal touch and the perfect depiction of Dane interior. 

Food? Your choices are never ending. From traditional Danish food to a vegan haven - Denmark's sustainability stance means most places are eco friendly or have a clean eating touch. 

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