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Everyone in the UK has heard of Brighton and if you haven't, you're simply missing out. Known for its coastal beauty, history, politics, or eccentric vibe, Brighton is a city worth visiting. Only an hour train ride from London, Brighton is day trip must. Hosting Annual Brighton Gay Pride, it is no surprise that this beautiful city is a liberal haven. The UK's biggest gay scene, famous in the vegan community for its vegan restaurants and pubs, home to hippy-esque flea markets, and the contains the only Constituency in the whole of the UK with a Green Party Member of Parliament.

Brighton is reasonably sized - a day, a brain willing to learn and a very empty stomach is all you need to enjoy what Brighton offers. Full of rich history, visiting both Royal Pavilion and the Brighton Museum and Art Gallery will teach you everything you need to know about Brighton's past. For example, it is unknown unless you visit the Royal Pavilion that during the first world war, it was a military hospital for Indian soldiers.

Walk along the coast and spot quirky cafes, restaurants, and boutiques. Then head to Brighton Pier and gorge on all kinds of sweets and play arcade games. A small city with lots to do and lots to find out.

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