Borough Market, London
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Borough Market

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What is Borough Market?

Borough market is a unique foods and drinks market which sells itself on both local and global produce. Located right by London Bridge Station and a five minute walk from Borough station, this place is a foodie's dream and a tourist hotspot. People from around the world come here for food and an understanding of old London.

Borough Market is dotted with traditional English pubs and its structure depicts old fashioned London - this is a place where English locals and tourists integrate. The dynamic energy this place gives off is incredible and the people (both traders and visitors) make it an enjoyable experience.

Borough Market provides so much: street food, fresh breads, bakeries and unique produce for you to buy and take home - from fresh fruit, veg, meats, and fish to tubs of gorgeous and authentic Spanish olives and homemade chilli sauces.

The market is also home to Monmouth coffee, known to be THE best coffee in London but hey, you can only judge that yourself, right?

Food for all

When you visit Borough Market, you will be overcome by the smell of fresh meats and stewed fish. But, not known to all, Borough Market caters to every dietary requirement you can name. 

If you're heading in a group and one of them is Vegan or the other Gluten-free, you're safe. Vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free stalls are plentiful - such as Big v London and the Free From Bakehouse.

Don't worry, if you're more into your cheeses, meats, and breads, you're also covered by the various French, Spanish and Italian traders.


It is rumoured that Borough Market itself has existed in some form for over one thousand years and somehow, you can feel that when you walk through the market itself. The current spot has known to exist since the 1700s. Even today, everyone moves fast and the market is cramped full of people, just as if you were experiencing the market all those years ago.

It's known that the traders back in the 1700s would trade dirt cheap to get people from the other side of the river heading South which resulted in the city of London banning people crossing south across London Bridge.


Borough Market



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