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Brick Lane

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What used to be associated with the slums of London with strife poverty and crime and known residency of the infamous Jack the Ripper, Brick Lane sits in the East End of London - Brick Lane starts from Bethnal Green and goes all the way down to Whitechapel.


Origins of Brick Lane go as far back as the 15th century and many generations, religions, and races have occupied since. Originally called Brick Lane due to the local earth helping create bricks post-Great fire of London.

Brick Lane has a history of brewing - loads of breweries set up shop here and you can even see the Truman factory today which are rumoured to have set up here in the 1600s. The Truman factory is actually used to host events and the grounds are home to street food trucks.

As time went by, Brick Lane became a fruits and veg market and it also became a hotspot for immigrants whom helped with the local industry. First migration were by the Irish and Jews which then later became the Bangladeshis who still mostly occupy it till this day. Brick Lanes history and diversity is prevalent in its trading today. From traditional Jewish bagel shops selling the best salt beef bagel in London to an endless stream of curry houses owned by local Bengalis.

Today's use

Although Brick Lane still has a dominant Bengali community, as years have gone by and many migrant families have moved away, Brick Lane has gone from an area where only migrants hung to a hanging spot for millennials (where's that avocado on toast at?). East London has managed to keep its authenticity and Brick Lane therefore hasn't seen to much gentrification but only time will tell if Brick Lane will remain a place where you can buy saris, branded hipster clothing, and fruit all in one place.

Brick Lane is also one of the only places in the world that has a church, mosque, and synagogue in one single -religious harmonisation? That's East London for you. A place where the motivation for a great life overcomes religious feud.

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