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London Fields

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The Park

On a hot summers day, there is absolutely no way you'll be visiting London Fields without it being rammed. When there is sunshine, there are disposable barbecues, people in light clothes, and bottles of cider everywhere. The pubs on the side of the park are packed with people standing outside enjoying their cold alcoholic beverage.

If you're looking for a place for the kids to play, this is also the spot as there is a large play area for the little one. And you needn't worry as the park is easily accessible from London Fields overground station or several bus stops.

Restaurants and pubs

When you leave the park, you come onto the road which is packed full of pubs and restaurants. Restaurants that come in all shapes and sizes offering varied cuisine. You'll see old traditional pie and mash shops now a Japanese restaurant or something else completely abstract along with tables dotted all down the pavement giving off that real Italian evening vibe - perfect for summer evenings with the lads or your girl pals.

Every step you take, you'll experience something different - whether that be people, music, or food options. If you want to experience scenic views of London while you're here, you just have to head to Netil 360 (an old block), walk up the stairs and enjoy the sunset with a cocktail. Note: They even have blankets for when the sun sets for just a small deposit of £5, which you get back upon the blanket's return.

Broadway Market

When visiting London, you want to make sure you're down on at least a Saturday or Sunday to really get a feel of what the market life is like. Every weekend, the street just off the park up towards the canal is occupied by mostly food stalls serving incredibly fresh cuisine - from hog roasts to vegan dumplings. Broadway market has it all.

The canal 

When you've finished gorging on all things yummy, enjoy the summers day with a gorgeous walk along the canal which runs down the East End of London. Pass the little boat homes and watch people cycle by as the sun beams down on the water.

There is no real feeling like the one you get when exploring London Fields - from the social housing tower blocks to the refurbished Victorian builds along with the smell of all types of food merging together. And that's coming from a real East Londoner.

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