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Back in the 1st century AD, the Romans gave this city the name Mamucium, which directly translated to "breast-shaped hill." They established a fort here on a plateau, and ever since then Manchester has been a hub of industry and activity.

During the Industrial Revolution, the city thrived, and a productive cotton trade made Manchester wealthy and powerful. In the 1800s, dozens of textile mills popped up around the city, with hard-working Mancunians (as the locals are called) turning them into "hives of activity." It was this industriousness that led to the city being given its official symbol: the worker bee. 

It's not just industry that Manchester is known for; the city is also famous for producing incredibly talented musicians including Oasis, the Smiths and the Stone Roses. The music and art scene is one of the most vibrant in the country; just stop by the Royal Exchange Theatre or the Band on the Wall to see for yourself.

Football also plays a huge role in life in the city where both Manchester United and Manchester City are based. In fact, the very first professional football league was reportedly set up at the Royal Hotel in Manchester! 

Thanks to the University of Manchester and several other educational institutions, there's a large student population here, resulting in a diverse nightlife scene and lots of exciting activities year-round. Discover fascinating museums and galleries and a huge variety of restaurants and pubs on a trip to Manchester.

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