Tallinn Old Town , Tallinn, Estonia
Photo by Zigomar  –  Link



Estonia's historic capital sits on the Gulf of Finland looking across at Helsinki some 50 miles away on the other side. This ancient town has found itself in the midst of a constant power struggle between neighbouring nations as its stragic position and influence as a trade hub were highly sought after by everbody from the Teutonic Knights and Denmark to Germany and Russia.

Tallinn's Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage site and is fast growing in popularity stakes as one of Europe's most beautiful Old Towns. Surrounded by a preserved city wall, the Old Town houses a number of museums, churches and all manner of restaurants and bars offering a very genuine and warm welcome to its visitors. With heavy influences of Tallinn's German past everpresent and half the population being of Russian origin from the half century of Soviet rule, there is a great mix of culture everywhere you look from the church decorations to restaurant menus.