Alexander Nevsky Cathedral
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Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

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The cathedral's origins

The Alexander Nevsky Cathedral was built to celebrate the Russian Saint who defeated the Teutonic knights invading Estonia in the 13th century. The Cathedral was erected in 1900 when Estonia was part of the Russian Empire and is very typical of the churches built at the turn of the century.

The location of the cathedral was highly contentious at the time as it took place of a statue of Martin Luther - a German priest after whom the Lutheran Church is named (highly popular in Estonia). The Estonian population's protests led to a decision to demolish the building in 1924 which never occurred due to a lack of funds and plans on what to construct in its place.

The post-Soviet Cathedral

Since the break up of the Soviet Union, the Cathedral underwent an extensive restoration programme. It is a functioning Russian Orthodox church serving the needs of a large proportion of the Estonian population who classify themselves as ethnically Russian.

Previous unrest seems to have disappeare d and the Cathedral proudly takes its place opposite the Tallinn Castle and only a stone's throw away from the Toomkirik - the main Lutheran Cathedral of the city.

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Alexander Nevsky Cathedral

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