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The city of Tampere (pronounced "TAHM-per-ay") in southern Finland along the Tammerkoski channel is known as a cultural hub, with a full calendar of festivals and events that draw visitors from around the world. Tampere is situated between two lakes, Näsijärvi and Pyhäjärv, which are linked together by the Tammeroski rapids. Visit Tampere to see one-of-a-kind attractions like the Moomin Museum, the Särkänniemi amusement park and the fish-shaped Kaleva Church. It’s also home to the esteemed University of Tampere, which specialises in research on society and health.

Thanks to its history as the industrial capital of the county, Tampere is sometimes referred to as the "Manchester of Finland". Over the years, though, Tampere has transformed into a beautiful and tourist-friendly city with plenty of exciting things to see and do. Make sure you find time to sample Tampere's local delicacy, mustamakkara (blood sausage eaten with lingonberry jam).

Things to see in Tampere

City life is at its most bustling in Keskustori (Tampere Central Square) along the main street Hämeenkatu. This is where you'll find important landmarks like the Tampere City Hall (Tampereen Raatihuone), the Old Church (Vanha Kirkko) and Tampere Theatre.

The Finlayson Factory Complex (Finlaysonin alue) along the river in old town Tampere is another popular site. This industrial red brick complex was once a hub for manufacturing textiles, but these days it's home to offices, restaurants, cafes, the Finnish Labour Museum Werstas, and a cinema.

Tampere vs Turku

For some time now, a city rivalry has bubbled up between Tampere (the second largest city in Finland) and Turku (the third largest). The feud is mostly in jest, with locals on either side making jokes about their rival's cuisine or dialect. One tradition that has come out of this rivalry sees students from Tampere traveling to Turku each year to jump on the market square, apparently with the intention of dislodging Turku from the country and setting it out into the Baltic Sea!

Tampere Festivals

Depending on what time of year you visit Tampere, you could be treated to a number of different events and festivities.The Tampere Festival of Light illuminates the city every autumn, and the Tampere Film Festival exhibits a roster of international short films every March. In the summertime, visitors can experience the colourful Tampere Floral Festival, ,and in November the city moves to the beat of the Tampere Jazz Happening.

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