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La Turbie


The lovely village of La Turbie is one of the quieter French Riviera destinations along the famous Grand Corniche road, known for its ancient history, blossom-covered buildings and scenic views of Monaco down below. A medieval stone gateway welcomes visitors to the town, while the narrow streets lined with colourful bougainvilleas are an invitation to stay. If you're embarking on a day trip from Nice or Monaco or doing a road trip around France, we strongly suggest you consider including the splendid town of La Turbie on that itinerary.

Trophy of Augustus

Much less hectic than its nearby neighbours Cannes and Nice, La Turbie does nevertheless have a handful of popular tourist attractions. The crowning glory is the Trophy of Augustus (Tropaeum Alpium), an impressive monument built around 6 BC to celebrate the emperor Augustus's victory over the tribes who lived in the Alps. Ruins of the monument can still be seen towering over La Turbie like a half-formed Roman Pantheon, a compelling reminder of the former power and longevity of the Roman Empire.

These days, visitors can see the monument and head to the small Auguste museum to learn more about its history.

What's nearby?

La Turbie is 23km away from Nice airport and 12km from Menton, making it an easy day trip to add to your France holidays itinerary. Located as it is right on the popular Cote d'Azur, there are plenty of things to do around La Turbie, whether you're after a glitzy night out or a trip to the countryside.

For a thrilling and incredibly scenic hike, climb up the 550-metre-tall TĂȘte de Chien mountain - the highest point on the Grande Corniche road. The trek is well signposted and not too challenging, and it's all worth it anyway for the spectacular views.

La Turbie is also the perfect base for exploring the rest of the area, from the famous casinos of Monte Carlo to the stunning French Riviera beaches.

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