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To say Nice is nice doesn't quite cut it. The fifth most populated city of France, Nice has a strong history and is a popular destination amongst holidaymakers. Originally settled by the Greek and then a destination in the 18th Century for the English aristocrats, the British soon realised this was the place to be. The Nice coast was an easy way to get across to Italy and the milder climates also meant the Brits decided to stay here during British winter months - why wouldn't you? 

Popular not only because of its 7km of beach (promenade des Anglais), Nice is more than just a beach destination. Walk around and see the 19th century mansions or head to a viewing point to overlook the gorgeous red rooftops that has attracted those with an artistic touch here such as Matisse. Nice is a place for both the individual and families - the beauty that is the Russian Orthodox Cathedral, museums of all interests dotted around and the Parc Phoenix which contains a zoo. Nice has it all and is more than just nice. With flights so frequent and cheap if booked in advance, this is no longer a place for the wealthy. 

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