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The title of the world's most Romantic city has firmly stuck with Paris and it is easy to see why. The city's architecture is a flamboyant mix of medieval Gothic and Romanesque architecture with the Baroque and Rococo apartment blocks lining the wide streets. Parisians appear to have thrown out all conventional planning and engineering rule books by planting the iron Eiffel Tower onto the Seine's bank and erecting the exhuberant Centre Pompidou yards away from the peaceful ancient Marais district.

It is this mix of elegance and charm with french passion and unpredictability that makes Paris so unique and draws in visitors from every corner of the world. If you're into sight-seeing, Paris has enough to keep you going for weeks, but there is so much more to the French capital including a vast array of the world's most exquisite restaurants, an extremely vibrant night scene and the corner coffee shops serving café au lait with a croissant for breakfast.

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