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Rennes, the capital city of Brittany, is a vibrant university town with a warm and friendly spirit - especially compared to the somewhat standoffish Paris. It's known for possessing a pleasant blend of city and small-town life. If you're travelling to Rennes, expect to be enthusiastically welcomed by locals here.

Most of the city was burnt down in a 1720 fire, but the buildings that survived and those that were built thereafter are picture-perfect. The neoclassical Rennes Cathedral in particular is a sight to behold. It may appear grey and austere from the outside, but inside is a surprising feast for the eyes: ornate golden decorations, colourful stained glass windows and a bright painted ceiling. Rennes sightseeing Should also include the famous half-timbered houses that dot the city centre.

With students making up such a large part of the population, there are always plenty of fun things to do in Rennes, from merrymaking in one of the many bars and restaurants, to enjoying outdoor events in the manicured gardens of Parc du Thabor. If you travel to Rennes on the weekend, be sure to visit the bustling Marche des Lices, one of the best Saturday morning markets in France, which features hundreds of food and flower producers.

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