The front facade of the Bundestag building, with German flags in front of it
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With its incredible mix of stunning scenery, buzzing cities, romantic half-timbered towns, and beautiful architecture, Germany is a country of many personalities that make it perfect for any kind of holiday. Despite having seen more than its fair share of war and divide, Germany has rebounded magnificently, leaving behind a brilliant sense of community and some truly fascinating (if at times harrowing) history to uncover.

The landscape

From the towering Black Forest, to the majestic Rhine valley, Sylt's long white beaches, and provincial and traditional Bavaria, Germany's landscape is diverse and always beautiful, wherever you choose to go.

Some of the highlights scattered across this country's terrain come in the form of quirky monuments nestled between its lush green hills, giving the rich natural landscape a story to tell; Neuschwanstein Castle in the Bavarian Alps is one of our favourite examples, perched high on a hill with its picture-perfect turrets that are thought to have inspired Walt Disney's classic stories.

The cities and towns

Berlin, Germany's capital, pays homage to much of the country's past, and has both a rich history and forward-thinking edgy, young scene to discover. Munich (the home of Oktoberfest) and Hamburg (Germany's "window to the world") follow close behind, with equally long and unique lists of places to visit.

If you're after some small-town charm, Germany delivers on that too, with picturesque, traditional destinations dotted across the country. Driving the Romantic Road through Bavaria is arguably the best way to get a flavour of this side of the country, with endless cobbled Alstadts (old towns) and pretty squares to satisfy your desire for quaint, authentic vibes.

The food

Whilst the bratwursts, pretzels, and mugs of beer are (obviously) unbeatable, there's more to German cuisine than these (delicious) cliches. With an amazing range of regional dishes, as well as seasonal delicacies - especially at Christmas - you'll be surprised at the variety you'll sample across the country. Oh, and don't forget to occasionally ditch the beer for some German wine; it's often overlooked, but definitely good enough to compete with those from France and Italy!

On your trip to Germany, the food is sure to linger in your memories just as much as the sights and cities, paying homage to each unique destination this amazing country has to offer.