Bayreuth, Germany
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Known for the world-famous Richard Wagner Festival that takes place here every summer, Bayreuth is a lovely travel destination in its own right. This charming city in Germany's Upper Franconia region is home to a collection of stunning rococo and Baroque architecture. Plus, the student population at the University of Bayreuth means that there are plenty of bars and restaurant to choose from, as well as a lively nightlife culture to enjoy.

Things to see and do in Bayreuth

Most of the tourist attractions here centre around composer Richard Wagner, who lived in Bayreuth for a time and founded the annual music festival back in 1876. Obviously you can attend the festival, but if you're trip doesn't coincide with it you can also learn more about him at the Richard Wagner Museum.

Whether you're a music buff or not, it's worth checking out the Margravial Opera House, an opulent 18th-century venue designed by Giuseppe Galli Bibiena. This UNESCO World Heritage site was the largest opera house in Germany for over a century.

Another thing this part of Germany is famous for is beer, and Bayreuth is no exception. Make sure you find time to sample some local brews in one of the many beer gardens. Alternatively, you could go all out by planning your trip around the annual Wheat Beer Festival, which takes place every spring.