Alexanderplatz, Berlin
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Alexanderplatz is a large public square in Berlin surrounded by shops and cafes and a good viewing location of the TV Tower (known as Fernshturm).


Before Alexanderplatz was named after the Russian Emperor Alexander the First when he visited in the 19th Century, the area was both a cattle and wool market. Simultaneously, the area was where military parades and exercises took place. When the 19th and 20th Century came, it was time for Berlin to modernise and so came a train station and a market hall. Modernisation continued in all forms and Alexanderplatz was the place to be. It became home to bars, clubs and restaurants - people from all over could travel into Alexanderplatz due to the transport available.

When came war, also came destruction. The public square had been bombed and later Alexanderplatz was under the East Germany occupation. Grey buildings with a rough and ready feel.

Demonstrations against the German Democratic Republic were strife in Alexanderplatz: these protests later helped the reunification of Germany.


Post-collapse of German divide, Alexanderplatz became the hub for all things transport, touristy and cool. The three infamous landmarks of Berlin are in the public square: the World Clock (Uraniaweltzeituhr), the TV tower and the Fountain of Internal Friendship. This spot became more populated and everyone started to live here.

Even today, you can tell that Alexanderplatz was under Eastern occupation to its old and grey architecture but this lets you experience real Germany.

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