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Berlin Wall

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Why was the Berlin Wall erected?

Post-collapse of Germany in 1945 and after Hitler, Germany was divided into four zones - each superpower in the world controlled one zone: the Soviets and Britain, France, and America (the three western states merging into one). Agreements between the Soviets and the Western states started to break down and therefore the merging of the three states began. This officially resulted in East and West Berlin. 

Those on the East Side were subjected to Communist rule (German Democratic Republic) and therefore the wall was erected in 1961 by East Germany to stop its citizens crossing over to Western Germany: West Germany was considered the better of the two. 

28 years later

That's how long the wall parted Germany during the years of the Cold War. In 1989, the fall of the Berlin Wall came when it was announced that those in East Germany could cross the border. 

In what was overwhelmingly emotional for the citizens of Germany, the fall of the wall was iconic, historic, and progressive. Crowds gathered and the wall was being dissembled by people with hammers and picks.

Visiting today 

The remains of the Berlin Wall are still considered one of the most powerful symbols of the struggle of the Cold War but too the success of uniting the Germany citizens. Visit the Open air gallery, the East Side Gallery (the longest surviving section of the Berlin Wall) which is a mile long and see the art and take in the history - the art makes the trip worthwhile. Take photos of the infamous fraternal kiss and the head to Checkpoint Charlie. 

Visit the wall for free or head on a walking tour for a small cost. You cannot visit Berlin without visiting the Berlin Wall. 

Opening Times

Throughout the Year

  • Open Daily: 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM

East Side Gallery



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