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Tempelhof abandoned airport

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Once one of the largest airports in the world, Tempelhof stopped operating from 2008. Now, it's considered Berlin's biggest park since its opening in 2010. 


Tempelhof was reconstructed by the Nazis in 1936 – this explains its huge scale and it being consistent with the rest of the Nazi architecture that you will come across in Berlin. Adolf Hitler visualised Tempelhof in his desired world capital: Germania. Later in history after Germany had lost the war and after the Russians had searched endlessly looking for potential treasures, the airport was handed over to the Americans. 

If you know of Tempelhof, it will most likely be due to the Berlin Air Lift, right? Right. During the Soviet blockade, Tempelhof became crucial for the Berlin Air Lift from June 1948 to May 1949 - this was considered one of the most important periods of West Berlin’s survival as the Soviets blocked all points for any forms of good to get into West Berlin in its attempt of rule. 

Today's use 

When Tempelhof officially closed in October 2008, the locals were not happy - there was a referendum in which many voted to keep Tempelhof open but the turnout was too small and officials could not rely on this. However, the airport was reopened as a park in 2010 and since, has become a tourist hotspot.

Where else in the world can you run down a runway where airplanes once lived? Exactly, no where.

In 2015,  the airport was actually used for emergency shelter for refugees which was known as Germany's largest refugee camp.

The space doesn't just attract tourists but it's a locals hangout spot too. People bike, skate and host festivals of all kinds here. People from all over the world who visit Berlin make Tempelhof a stop for them to visit and immerse in themselves in the history. If you're with the kids in the summer time, bring a picnic basket and let the kids freely roam around - something they'll never get to do elsewhere. 
Opening Times

Throughout the Year

  • Open Daily: 11:00 AM to 05:00 PM

Platz der Luftbrücke



Germany 12101

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