Visitors read about how the Nazis came to power in WWII as they walk around the outdoor Topography of Terror museum
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Topography of Terror

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It may look like a building site from the outside, but prepare to be moved and very possibly unsettled by the eye-opening exhibitions at the Topography of Terror. This free indoor/outdoor museum is located in Kreuzberg on the site of the former Gestapo headquarters, where the Nazis rose to power. It's also the very place where an estimated 15,000 political prisoners were tortured and executed for opposing the Nazi Regime.

The exhibit, which first opened in 1987, tells the chilling story of the Nazis' Secret State Police Office, with photographs, radio snippets and documents illustrating the facts. There's also a documentation centre about National Socialism and its crimes.

One of the best things about this museum is that it's so incredibly fascinating and educational, with tons of detailed information presented in a format that's very easy to understand. Spend a few hours here and listen to the free audioguide to get the full experience. It's an absolute must-see to understand Berlin's dark and complex history.

Landmarks nearby

When you've finished visiting the Topography of Terror, head down the road to Checkpoint Charlie, another important historic landmark that's just minutes away.

It's also within walking distance of Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag and the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe.

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