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Treptower Park

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The second biggest park in Berlin is also one of its finest. The tranquil 84-acre Treptower Park, which sits alongside the Spree River in the Treptow-Köpenick district, is all manicured gardens and greenery, with a magnificent memorial right in the middle. Walk or bike around the gardens, have a picnic with friends or hire a pedalo boat in the lake. It’s also completely dog-friendly, so treat your pooch to a fun day out!

Designed by Gustav Meyer in the "English style" and opened in 1888, Treptower park has become one of the top places to visit in Berlin for locals and visitors alike.

Soviet Memorial 

At the centre of the park you’ll find the enormous Soviet Memorial, built to commemorate the 80,000 Soviet soldiers who died in the Battle of Berlin in  945, 7,000 of whom were buried on this very spot. To enter the memorial, you walk through one of the giant arched portals on the north and south sides of the park. Proceed down the path and you’ll arrive at a statue of Mother Russia, a woman grieving over her fallen sons. Just beyond that, you’ll see the most impressive part of the memorial: a giant 12-meter-tall statue of a Soviet soldier carrying a child and standing over a broken swastika.

The Soviet Memorial in Treptower Park was built between 1946 and 1949 and led by architect Yakov S. Belopolski. To this day, visitors and politicians lay wreaths at the foot of the memorial to honour the dead here.

Archenhold Observatory

Just behind the military memorial is Archenhold Sternwarte, a 19th-century observatory that houses the longest moveable refracting telescope in the world (21 metres). The telescope, which weighs a jaw-dropping 130 tonnes, is lovingly nicknamed the "sky canon."

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