Trees standing in front of the tops of houses under a blue sky in Dusseldorf, Germany
Photo by Fred Romero  –  Link



Discover avant-garde architecture, a lively nightlife scene and a culture of creativity with a trip to Dusseldorf, Germany's fashion capital. This riverside city on the Rhine is known for its vibrant atmosphere and never-ending calendar of exciting things to do. Come in November to experience the famous Carneval season, or plan a trip in December and warm yourself with gluehwein and Bratwurst at the annual Christmas market. There's no bad time to discover the joys and secrets of Dusseldorf!

If you've travelled some around Germany, you'll notice that Dusseldorf has a certain spark that differentiates it from the country's other big cities like Berlin and Munich. Dusseldorf is a singularly magnetic hub of fashion, music, art and design, with a prestigious art academy, Die Kunstakademie, solidifying its cultural significance.

Futuristic buildings, contemporary art galleries and the lovely green spaces along the Rhine river are a photographer's dream. Plus, the charming Altstadt (old town) is positively filled with fun pubs and disco clubs serving up the local's favourite tipple: a dark brown beer called Altbier. Come see for yourself why Dusseldorf is considered one of the best places to visit in Europe.