Timbered houses and cobbled streets in Rothenburg, Germany
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Rothenburg ob der Tauber


Rothenburg (full name Rothenburg ob der Tauber) is a quaint walled town in Germany's Bavaria region. Known for its remarkably well-preserved medieval old town, Rothenburg is a charming place to visit and explore. It's also part of the Romantic Road, a popular travelling route that runs through southern Germany.

Points of interest

Walking tours around the city walls and through the old town are a fun way to experience the best of Rothenburg, taking in all the important sites.

First, the Castle Garden is where the 12th-century Imperial Castle once stood before it was destroyed in the earthquake of 1356. Today, the only remaining evidence of the building is a prison, which was rebuilt into a chapel around 1400. You can visit the chapel and stroll around the romantic garden paths filled with flowers and walking paths.

Another landmark is Rauthaus, the town hall, parts of which date back to 1250. Climb up the town hall tower for fantastic views of the surrounding countryside. And St Jacob's Church is worth a visit to see the intricate wood altar within.

If you're craving a bit of culture, there are a number of interesting museums in town including the Medieval Crime and Punishment Museum, the German Christmas Museum, and the Imperial City Museum.

Food in Rothenburg

Immerse yourself in Bavarian cuisine by dining on typical dishes like potato soup, cured pork and bratwurst. Make sure you save room for dessert: Rothenburg's signature sweet treat, the schneeball, is a snowball-shaped pastry decorated with icing sugar.

Travel tip: Believe it or not, there are a few Rothenburgs in Germany. Make sure you plan your trip around Rothenburg ob der Tauber (Rothenburg 'above the Tauber River').

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