Santorini, Greece
Photo by Pedro Szekely  –  Link



  Greek Currency:  Euro

The birthplace of philosophy, modern politics and ouzo is a country popular with tourists looking for a week in the sun. Sun loungers up and down the coast of dozens of Greek islands are filled with pink torsos in sunglasses. And yet Greece has so much more to offer than lying next to a pool that could be anywhere in the world. From quaint small seaside towns offering fresh fish caught an hour earlier and grilled in front of your eyes to some of the world's most iconic, historically important and visually impressive monuments. It's a shame to visit a country brimming with history and steeped in tradition and not experience any of this culture. Be sure to try the local cuisine as well rather than the all-inclusive buffet. Real meze and spanakotyropita (a local spinach pie) are a particular treat.