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The Greek island of Mykonos in the Aegean Sea is known for its azure waters, its iconic 16th-century windmills, and - most of all - its incredible party scene which takes over throughout the summer. This is the ultimate beach holiday destination; throngs of sun-worshippers lounge on Paradise and Super Paradise beaches, while DJs play hopping music in the background. 

And yet, this sunny isle in the heart of the Cyclades is more than just one big party. The capital town Hora has gorgeous Cycladic architecture, narrow marble streets and enchanting white houses with contrasting window frames in bright colours. For a bit of culture, spend an afternoon at some of Hora's top attractions like the Archaeological Museum and the Aegean Maritime Museum.

And you can't get more charming than Little Venice, the 18th-century neighbourhood featuring captains' mansions overlooking the water. Whether you want to relax in the sun on one of the island's 25 beaches, do some sightseeing, try your hand at water sports or gorge yourself on delicious Greek food, you'll be spoilt for choice of activity on Mykonos.

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