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When you visit Rhodes, you’re essentially stepping back in time. This sunny Greek island, known as the Island of the Knights, has a fascinating history that goes back thousands of years. Just take a walk through the Rhodes Old Town, where the streets are lined with marble crests, ancient statues and the magnificent Palace of the Grand Master. It’s no wonder the Old Town has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Thanks to numerous luxurious resorts, cultural attractions and top restaurants on the island, Rhodes also has a distinctly modern appeal. Plus, it's bathed in sunlight nearly all year long, making it the perfect Mediterranean escape. 

Things to see in Rhodes

There’s no shortage of amazing things to see in Rhodes. The top of our list is the Street of the Knights, a cobblestone road in Old Town lined by Gothic buildings.This was once home to the Knights Hospitaller, who ruled over Rhodes in the 14th century.

You’ll also want to make time for the castlelike Archaeological Museum, which houses numerous exhibitions of ancient relics from all over the world.

And a short trip to the southeast coast of the island will take you to the Lindos Acropolis, a stunning archaeological site perched on a steep cliff featuring the ancient remains of a Temple to Athena.

Travel tip: Before you embark on your trip, practice pronouncing Rhodes the way the locals do: (Ro-dos).

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