A bridge crosses the river in front of Gresham Palace in Budapest, Hungary
Photo by Thomas Depenbusch (Depi)  –  Link



The Hungarian capital, which is divided into Buda on the west bank of the River Danube and Pest on the east bank, is widely recognised as one of the world's most vibrant and exciting cities. A multicultural past (including 140 years under Ottoman rule) has resulted in the city's incredibly diverse and fascinating spirit. Look out for ornate Turkish baths, festive marketplaces and the distinctive neo-Gothic Parliament building hugging the water's edge. 

The amazing landmarks in Budapest are innumerable, from the majestic Royal Palace (Buda Castle) overlooking the city to the 14th-century Matthias Church and its eye-catching multicoloured roof. Up on GellĂ©rt Hill you'll see the fabulous UNESCO- listed Citadella fortification, which offers spectacular views from the top. 

Not only is Budapest chock full of sights to see, but it's also got a thriving dining and nightlife scene (and fantastic coffee to boot!) Plan a trip to this one-of-a-kind city to see for yourself what all the hype is about.