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The best spot for picnics and views in Budapest

The Citadella is a top spot for picnicking and admiring the views of the River Danube and Budapest below (for free!) This fortification dates back to 1851, when it was built by the Hapsburgs to surveil the city and rule over Hungary as part of the Austro-Hungarian empire. At 220 metres long, 60 metres wide and four metres tall, the Citadella takes up almost the entire plateau on Gellert Hill. Despite its contentious history, these days it's one of the top attractions in Budapest among locals and visitors alike.

On top of the U-shaped fortress you'll see a large statue of a woman holding a leaf in her outstretched hands above her head. This is the Liberty Statue (aka Freedom Statue), which commemorates those who've sacrificed their lives for the independence, freedom and prosperity of Hungary.

To get to the Citadella, climb up Gellert Hill from Gellert Square (it's about a 15-minute walk from river level) and watch as the views unfold in front of your eyes. The pathway is shaded and surrounded by forests, making it the perfect summertime walk. The UNESCO-listed fortress is especially worth visiting at night, when the crowds are thinner and the city lights sparkle below.

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