Parliament Building across the Danube, Budapest
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Hungarian Parliament Building

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Whether you admire it reflecting on the Danube, spot its dome peeking through the rooftops, or opt to explore inside, it's near impossible to visit Budapest without seeing the Hungarian Parliament Building in some way or another, which does a pretty good job of summing up its importance in the Budapest skyline. Along with St Stephen's Basilica, this is the tallest building in Budapest at 96 metres high, and was built in 1902 in a range of architectural styles - so it's clear why it's such an eye-catching feature of the city.

Despite having a grand total of 691 lavishly decorated rooms, visitors are only allowed to see a handful - but don't worry, the most beautiful areas of the building are still open to the public. To explore the inside, it's compulsory to take a guided tour to lead you through and tell you all about the incredible features in each room. Tours are available in Hungarian, English, French, Hebrew, German, Russian, Italian, and Spanish and can either be booked online in advance, or purchased on the day from the visitor centre.

Top features of the guided tour

Staircase XVII - This opulent, gold-plated staircase is one of 28 in the building and marks the start of the tour. Expect deep red carpets, beautiful sculptures, colourful stained glass windows, and detailed frescoes to kick off your Parliament visit.

Old Upper House Hall - This beautiful hall was once home to the Upper House and today is mainly used for meetings and conferences. The room is laid out around a huge podium surrounded by wooden seats, beneath a dramatic seven-floor gallery decorated with paintings and gold-plated trimmings - one of many unforgettable and fully-functioning rooms of the building.

Dome Hall - Arguably the most important room in the whole building, the Dome Hall forms both the centre of Parliament and the symbolic centre of Hungary, and is home to the nation's crown jewels. Most importantly in this room, don't forget to look up! The incredible vaulted ceiling of the dome is plated in gold and studded with beautiful stained glass windows that you won't want to miss.

Helpful tips

  • We recommend planning ahead and booking your tickets online as there's a limited number of spots available on each tour.
  • Cheaper tickets are available to EU citizens, so if you're buying tickets on the day remember to take ID with you if you're eligible for the discount.
  • You have to pay a small fee to use the bathroom in the Parliament building; a little annoying, but it means the facilities are always kept clean and tidy which is definitely a bonus. Make sure you have some cash on you or else you'll simply be turned away.
  • If you have time to stick around after your visit or are willing to arrive slightly early, look out for the changing of the guard ceremony - it's definitely worth it.
  • The building occasionally has to close to visitors for certain government events, so always check if it's open for your dates. It's also possible to change the date of your tour if it has to unexpectedly close at short notice.
Opening Times

April 1st to October 31st

  • Open Daily: 08:00 AM to 06:00 PM

November 1st to March 31st

  • Open Daily: 08:00 AM to 04:00 PM
Price Information

Parliament visit (EU citizens)

  • Adult : 2400.00 HUF

Parliament visit (EU citizens)

  • Youth (Ages 6 - 24) : 1300.00 HUF

Parliament visit (non EU citizens)

  • Adult : 6000.00 HUF
  • Youth (Ages 6 - 24) : 3100.00 HUF

Parliament visit (EU and non EU citizens)

  • Children Free

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