In wintertime, the lake in Tata freezes over and becomes a playground for kids and keen ice hockey players
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Life in Tata, Hungary, centres around Lake Öreg ("old lake"), a 2.7-square-kilometre body of water in the centre of town. On the banks of Lake Öreg you'll find some of the most important landmarks in Tata including Tata Castle and the Museum of Greek-Roman statue copies.

Tata is surrounded by the chalk and limestone Gerecse mountain range, a subdivision of as the Transdanubian Mountains. Oak forests and fields of wildflowers cover these mountains, giving Tata a wild, natural feel.

History of Tata

The area that is now Tata has been inhabited for thousands of years, since prehistoric times. In fact, the oldest archaeological findings in Tata date all the way back to 50,000BC.

It's thought that the town was named after Count Deofatus, who was nicknames 'Tata' by the first king of Hungary, Saint Istvan.

In the 1300's, Tata Castle was built by the Lackfis, a noble family who governed parts of Transylvania in the 14th century. The Castle was later repurposed as a summer resort for Kings Zsigmond and Matyas.

Things to do in Tata

This small town is considered one of the jewels of Hungary's Transdanubia region thanks, to its stunning scenery and cultural offerings, like the yearly Water, Music, Flower Festival, which takes place every June. This event draws thousands of visitors to Tata to see concerts, art shows, flower exhibitions and fireworks, as well as funfair activities for kids.

And in the wintertime, Lake Öreg has been known to freeze over completely, transforming into a super popular ice rink for kids and adults alike.