The famously lively Strokkur Geysir erupts with water
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Geysir Hot Springs

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What is Geysir Hot Springs?

This geothermal field is another top spot on the famous Golden Circle route. Here you'll see boiling mud pits and bubbling geysirs that shoot spout water high into the air every few minutes. It's a rare natural phenomenon that only happens in a few places in the world, so it's definitely worth including on your Iceland itinerary.

The most active geysir is called Strokker ('churn' in Icelandic'). It erupts every six to ten minutes, so you're pretty much guaranteed a performance.

Entry to the Geysir Hot Springs area is free and it only takes about 30 minutes to wander around and see the sights. After that, you can grab a bite to eat at one of the lovely cafes and restaurants around the area.

Travel tip: When you're waiting for a geysir eruption, try not to stand in the direction of the wind or else you risk getting sprayed!


Strokkur Geysir


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