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Kerid crater lake

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What is Kerid?

Kerið or Kerid (pronounced ‘Kerith’ in Icelandic) is a volcanic crater lake in south Iceland in the Grimsnes area along the Golden Circle route. The striking 50-metre-deep lake is filled with milky teal water and surrounded by bright red clay, making for quite the photogenic sight!

Kerid Crater Lake is one of the most popular stops on the Golden Circle route in south Iceland, along with the Geysir Hot Spring area and Thingvellir National Park.

The crater was originally thought to be caused by a huge volcanic explosion, but it's now commonly believed that it was formed about 6,500 years ago by a small magma chamber beneath the crater that emptied towards the end of an eruption, causing a collapse. The water in the Kerid Lake doesn't drain, but it rises and falls according to changes in the water table.

Kerid is one of several crater lakes in this part of Iceland, which is known as the Western Volcanic Zone. Two other crater lakes with a similar red clay colour are Seyðishólar and Kerhóll, which are both within easy reach of Kerid.

What you need to know before visiting Kerid Crater Lake

The landowners who man the entrance to Kerid Crater Lake charge 400 ISK (about £2.80) to enter. Make sure you wear comfortable shoes and layers on your visit; the lake is a short hike away from parking and it tends to be quite windy at the top.

If you visit Kerid in the wintertime, you might see the lake frozen over by cold weather. Some visitors descend into the crater in order to walk on top of the lake, but this is actually forbidden! 

Also note that there are no loos or facilities at Kerid Crater Lake.

Opening Times

Throughout the Year

  • Open Daily: 12:00 AM to 11:59 PM
Price Information

Entry to Kerid Crater Lake

  • General : 400.00 ISK

Kerid crater lake

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