Musicians, Triskel Arts Centre, Cork
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Triskel Arts Centre

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The Triskel Arts Centre is a cultural hub in Cork City offering a variety of entertainment, from live music to art installations. With part of the centre housed in a converted Georgian church, it's a fun, alternative place to enjoy some local entertainment on your trip to Cork.

The centre is made up of the Arts Centre, to which converted Christchurch is connected, Triskel Gallery Space, the Scrypt Cafe Bar (for after you've explored), and a Theatre Development Centre, so there's loads to sink your teeth into.

Having been established for 40 years, this centre has thrived as a popular music and art venue. It is also home to a cultural cinema which shows a range of new and old, fiction and documentary, and local and foreign films.

If you find yourself stuck for what to do on a rainy evening in Cork, there's bound to be something on at the Triskel Arts Centre that will take your fancy.

Live music, cinema, and visual art

Broadly speaking, the offering at Triskel Arts Centre falls into three categories: live music, cinema, and visual art, with each celebrating arts locally, nationally and internationally.

Although much of the music is either classical or jazz, every performance differs from the previous one, with a musical history of Cork one day followed by self-playing pianos the next. There are also a range of music festivals held at the venue, including the Cork Folk Festival and the Guinness Cork Jazz Festival.

The cinema shown is equally as varied, with a mix of the most recent films alongside resurfacing old classics. Documentaries and foreign films are also commonplace, so there's bound to be something you've never heard of before. We recommend not planning ahead, and just turning up and watching whatever is showing next.

The visual art on offer is decidedly wacky, with many contemporary artists and photographers displaying a diverse array of art. Admission to the gallery space is free, so have a wander round and enjoy the alternative displays.

Getting to the Triskel Arts Centre

Triskel Arts Centre is conveniently located just behind the National Monument in the centre of Cork, so walking is your best bet if you're already in the city. If, however, the walk is slightly too far there are bus stops dotted around, as well as money off parking at nearby Q-Park for Triskel ticket holders.

You can also easily travel from Limerick to Cork by train in around an hour, so if you want to catch a concert or film it's definitely doable.


Triskel Arts Centre

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