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Dublin Castle

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A crucial building to Ireland's history as well as a beautiful building inside and out, Dublin Castle will be a stop on your Dublin adventure. 

Erected in the early 13th century and built in a Norman style, Dublin castle was built on demand of King John of England who wanted a place for the administration for Dublin. The history of the use of the building really involves telling you that the English/British owned it as a seat for the UK government's administration  - the castle was eventually handed over to Ireland when it gained independence in 1922 following the Anglo-Irish Treaty a year prior. Note: due to a fire in 1684, the castle has been renovated since but you can explore the Viking ruins on your visit. 

No longer a government building, the castle is now predominantly a tourist attraction. Get lost in the history when you step inside and enjoy a coffee on the terrace. A castle different to many you've visited before. If you're really up for learning, book the 90 minute tour that will blow your mind. 

Opening Times

January 2nd to December 31st

  • Open Daily: 09:45 AM to 05:45 PM
Price Information

Self-guiding tour

  • Adult : 7.00 EUR
  • Senior Citizen (Ages 60 - 150) : 6.00 EUR
  • Student : 6.00 EUR
  • Children (Ages 12 - 17) : 3.00 EUR

Guided tour

  • Adult : 10.00 EUR
  • Senior Citizen (Ages 60 - 150) : 8.00 EUR
  • Student : 8.00 EUR
  • Children (Ages 12 - 17) : 4.00 EUR

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