Trevi Fountain
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  Italian Currency:  Euro

With staggering scenery, world renowned food and exceptional historical & cultural heritage, Italy seemingly has it all. From ski resorts in the Alps and Dolomites to the sun-drenched shores of Sicily, Italy caters for every need. Peaceful towns lining the Ligurian coastline contrast with the hustle and bustle of Milan and Rome is a city like no other. Beating our fear of cliches, all roads really ought to lead to Rome.

Liberation Day

On the 25th April every year, Italy celebrates Liberation Day. This is because on the 25th April 1945, Italy was liberated from Nazi occupation and the fascist leader, Mussolini's rule. Italians take the day remember those who fought against the Nazis and Mussoli's troops in what was a fascist regime during the second world war.

If you're in any Italian city during liberation day, look out for marching bands playing Bella Ciao, food stalls with popular Italian food, and Italian flags flying proud. Not to worry, despite being a national Italian holiday, museums don't usually close on liberation day so you're safe to continue your trip in Italy.