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Formerly the centre of medieval trade, Florence, the capital city of the region of Tuscany is a location everyone needs to visit - either a weekend break or a stop through on your Italian travels. 

Its importance during the medieval period is prevalent in its architecture. From the breathtaking architecture of Florence Cathedral to Ponte Vecchio, a picture-worthy arched bridge located on the river. Every structure is a beautiful one with a story which you will not regret finding out. 

Locals described as food obsessed, your restaurant options in Florence are endless. Florence is famous for its Ribollita soup and its T-bone steak. Michelin star restaurants or even quaint local spots are available and all make this city's food obsession, a reputable one. 

The Piazzale Michelangelo enables you to see and take photos of the incredible views Florence has to offer. Visit Florence and see why this is a gorgeous and underrated place. 

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