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Cute, relaxed, and romantic are only a few of many adjectives that describe Manarola, one of the five former fishing villages that make up Cinque Terre. 

Why visit Manarola?

Home to colourful houses built on high rocks and located on the coast, this place is an Italian dream. Tourists tend to visit the village during the day but many choose neighbouring towns to stay so be sure to experience this gem in all its beauty. Stay in a hotel in the middle of town or choose to stay in one of the colourful houses, many which are hotels.

Meander through the small alleyways and walk past boats parked on the to get to dinner. In the morning, be sure to head down to the jetty to book and spend the morning snorkelling. 

Manarola has its own catholic church which is described as simple in architecture, but many find it impressive as it's less lavish than other Italian churches but portrays Manarola well, both as a village and a place home to lovely people.

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