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Duomo di San Gennaro

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History of the Duomo de San Gennaro

Commissioned by King Charles I of Anjou in the 13th century, the cathedral was officially consecrated in 1315. Step inside to view an array of artwork including frescoes by Domenichino and Giovanni Lanfranco, paintings by Perugino and Luca Giordano, and fourth-century mosaics adorning the baptistry.

In the catacombs directly below the cathedral, you can see archaeological remains of ancient Greek, Roman, and early Christian civilizations..

The Miracle of San Gennaro

The Duomo is dedicated to Naples' patron saint, San Gennaro, whose blood is said to be kept in two ampules within the cathedral.

Three times a year, the ampules are brought out for public viewing for a special Mass. Legend has it that if the blood fails to liquefy during this time, disaster will befall the city! Luckily, it very rarely fails to liquefy... although one year it failed was 1939, the year World War II started. Coincidence? We may never know.

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