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Wisteria-lined walkways, ancient villas and terraced gardens with unparalleled views of the sea… what’s not to love about Ravello, Italy? The undeniable beauty of this mountaintop town has attracted a multitude of visitors since the Renaissance, beginning with the poet Giovanni Boccaccio. In more recent years it has won the hearts of artists and famous figures including Greta Garbo, Virginia Woolf, Tennessee Williams and Jackie Kennedy. To put it plainly, Ravello is an absolute must-do on your Amalfi coast itinerary.

Ravello is best known for its enchanting gardens located mainly within the grounds of two historic palazzos, Villa Rufolo and Villa Cimbrone. Apparently, the spectacular setting is so marvellous that it inspired composer Richard Wagner to complete the second act of his opera “Parsifal.” In honour of this connection, Villa Rufolo hosts a yearly summer concert series in the gardens featuring chamber music and orchestral performances.

Other than colourful gardens and a great music scene, Ravello also has a selection of fine dining options, boutique shops and a magnificent cathedral to explore. Whether your driving the Amalfi coast, planning a day trip from Naples or stopping through after a visit to Pompeii, you won’t want to miss the magical splendour of Ravello.

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