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Whether you like gambling, cycling, music or nature, you're sure to find something to suit your tastes in Sanremo. This sunny resort town on the Italian Riviera has been a popular getaway for centuries thanks to its warm climate and picturesque locale.

What is Sanremo known for?

Sanremo is also known as the City of Flowers because of the colourful blooms that dominate the scenery in the summer. And it's not just the flora that gives this city a postcard-worthy appearance. When you visit Sanremo, expect to see lovely villas, medieval architecture and seafront squares filled with bustling restaurants and bars.

Another important aspect of Sanremo life is gambling. The Sanremo Casino, a massive complex on the Corso degli Inglesi, opened in 1905 and has drawn thousands of visitors ever since.

Sanremo Events

Every year, the city hosts the Festival di Sanremo, bringing some of Italy's most talented singers to town for a competition in a tradition that began in 1951. In fact, this festival was supposedly the inspiration for the Eurovision Song Contest!

Sanremo also stages the world's longest professional one-day cycling race, the Milan-Sanremo.

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