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Rialto Bridge

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The Rialto Bridge

Built in 1591 by Antonio da Ponte, this bridge was simiar in style to the wooden bridges it replaced. The bridges that stood on the spot since 1181 had a tendency to collapse under weight after years of the timber decaying and a decision was made to erect a new one made of marble.

The bridge is the oldest and most grand of all 4 bridges which span the Grand Canal. Tourists swarm the bridge from dawn until dusk and an abundance of kiosks, various stalls and street artists make getting through somewhat of a challenge.

Nevertheless, this is undoutedly one of the most romantic spots in the city and it is particularly beautiful and serene in the evenings as the hoardes of camera snapping visitors are packed back up into buses and taken to their next destination on a mission to see the entirety of Europe in two and a half days. A pre-dinner stroll is the best way to see the city in a somewhat more relaxed atmosphere and the San Marco quarter on one side & the San Polo part of town on the other both offer a large number of wonderful restaurants.

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Rialto Bridge



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